Bookie Claims Super Bowl Prop Wagers are ‘Sucker Bets’

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Super Bowl prop wagers – and there are hundreds of them – are “sucker bets”, so claims former bookie Joe Gagliano.

“There are 22 players on the field at a given time,” Gagliano, who helped orchestrate the Arizona State men’s basketball point-shaving scandal in the 1990s, told USA TODAY Sports. “With all the players rotating on and off the field, there are 30 or 35 players who could score that first touchdown. With prop bets, you’re making a bet and just hoping to get lucky.”

Gagliano actually advocates placing a wager on the coin toss, one of the most popular of the prop bets.

“At least that’s a 50-50 proposition,” said Gagliano.

Pay Per Heads will like AcePerHead.com will be offering hundreds of Super Bowl propositions for this year’s big game for their countless number of bookies and agents.  Without the use of a Pay Per Head platform, local bookies will have a tough time managing these types of wagers.

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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