Blackburn v Manchester United Winner Betting Odds

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Alistair Prescott
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Blackburn v Manchester United

Blackburn v Manchester United winner betting odds had Blackburn potentially paying out €40 for every €10 bet.  Manchester United was listed at 8/11 or 7/10 at most bookmakers. was paying €4 for every €5 or 4/5 with a Manchester United win at press time Tuesday (these odds subject to change).  This would result in a payout of €16 for every €20 bet compared to €16 for every $22 bet at most European books. offers a FREE €20 bet upon joining

While North American-facing offered odds on Manchester United that would pay 7/10 odds or US$14 for every US$20 bet, that online bookmaker also offers more lucrative signup bonuses and other promos including friend referrals.  Those living in the United Kingdom and elsewhere around the world are welcome to bet here

Bet365.comoffered the best odds on the draw at 13/5.  By comparison, was offering odds of 12/5, but again with more generous join bonuses. 

This game will be played Saturday afternoon May 14, 2011.

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