Bills vs. Titans: Buffalo Remains +3 Underdog

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Don Shapiro
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Bills vs. Titans Betting Odds

If you are looking to bet the Buffalo Bills, do so now as the line is dropping and should be around +2 by game day Sunday.  Already we were seeing one online sportsbook offering the line of +2.  Bills vs. Titans is a pre-season game that is receiving post season betting action. still had the Bills at +3 heading into Saturday morning. 

The last ten head-to-heads in this series goes back to 1994.  The Titans have won the last four but covered the current -3 line only once.  Encouraging news for Buffalo Bills bettors.   Even though the Titans have beaten Buffalo 8 of the last 10 games, they've only covered the current line half of those 10 games and, as we already pointed out, the trend has been for Buffalo to come within 3 points in recent years.

Now factor in Terrell Owens, the chances of a cover or all out win are much greater.  Of course they are playing a Titans team that was the last defeated in 2008.

What to keep an eye on: The relationship between Owens and QB Trent Edwards will be watched closely in the minimal action both will see.

As for the Titans, Titans QB Vince Young has a lot to prove this year. As a No. 2, he will probably see some playing time this Sunday and has a chance to show what he has improved on since last season. 

The Titans lost Albert Haynesworth, and this is going to hurt.  Watch Jason Jones, his replacement, closely. 

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