Beyonce Super Bowl Half Time Show Odds: First Song, Cleavage and Lip Syncing

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Jordan Bach
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Beyonce Super Bowl Half Time Show Odds

Beyonce Super Bowl Half Time Show odds were available at BetOnline, which was offering up to $900 in FREE BETS and wagering right up to the final play via the best LIVE IN PROGRESS betting on the Net.


Missing among the odds is whether Beyonce will sing live or be discovered lip syncing again.  But because this is the Half Time Show, the chances of lip syncing are pretty low compared to – say – the National Anthem, which this year will be sung by Alicia Keys. 

There a decent value odds on which song Beyonce will perform first with each paying at least $20 for every $10 bet

The two big Beyonce Super Bowl Half Time Show favorites were whether Beyonce wears a headset, requiring a $25 bet to win $10 with the $25 refunded should this bet be a winner.  The other is if the singer shows cleavage during her first song at -500, which requires a $50 bet to win $10 with the $50 refunded should this bet be a winner. 

Beyonce - First song at halftime show

06:30 PM


Crazy in Love


Pays $20 for every $10 bet



Single Ladies


Pays $20 for every $10 bet



Run The World


Pays $30 for every $10 bet



Love on Top


Pays $20 for every $10 bet





Pays $30 for every $10 bet


Beyonce - Mic or Headset first

06:30 PM




Pays $17.50 for every $10 bet





-250 (bet $25 to win $10)


Beyonce - Will she be showing cleavage first song

06:30 PM




-500 (bet $50 to win $10)





+300 pays $30 for every $10 bet


- Jordan Bach,

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