BetUS On-Air Personality Damon D Drops Gives 2011 NFL Playoffs Picks

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2011 NFL Playoffs Picks

If you haven’t seen BetUS on-air personality Damon D, then you don’t know what you’re missing BetUS NFL gridiron gamblers.  Here he will provide readers with some 2011 NFL Playoffs picks.   You’ll have to watch the video though right here.

To be absolutely honest about it, I think Damon D is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable – and certainly entertaining – on-air sports personalities in the online sports wagering business today – and no, my good friend didn’t pay me to say that, so ha!

All jokes aside gridiron gamblers, the most recent BetUS BetFlix segment with Damon D is one of the most fun-filled video segments you’ll see anywhere as ‘D’ lets his feelings on this weekend’s upcoming conference championship matchups be known in his unique, one-of-a-kind, tell-it-like-it-is style.

First Damon rips on the New England Patriots (yea) for their perplexing performance in their 28-21 loss to New York last week, by saying, “really New England … all that smack talk and what not, and that was it?”

‘D’ then makes the most hilarious comments on the Green Bay Packers, a team he’s been backing in a big way for the past three seasons.

“Yeah, Green Bay, I’ve been telling people how rad you are for three seasons, and then when I’ve finally lost enough money and my faith has been extinguished, you go on the road and do that s**t,!”

Damon then goes on to analyze the AFC title game featuring the New York Jets versus the Pittsburgh Steelers by telling BetUS NFL gamblers all about each team’s respective ATS trends, many of which are absolutely incendiary for both defensive-minded teams.

Next up for my favorite on-air sports personality was a brief chat about the NFC title tilt between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

Last but not least, Damon D takes BetUS BetFlix viewers outside to make his ‘Frozen Tundra’ picks on each conference championship matchup, all while holding his special edition BetUS football in hand.

“One game is in Chicago and the other in Pittsburgh,” he said. “So what does that mean? It’s going to be frickin’ cold and not is it going to just be cold, but it’s going to be wet and sloppy like I mean real wet and sloppy … like Jersey Shore on a Saturday night wet and sloppy guys.”

‘D’ offers up some more great advice by telling bettors not to get too caught up in the weather factors surrounding each contest.

Damon then makes his conference championship picks, which I won’t share here, simply because I feel like you’ve got to see the best on-air sports wagering personality in the business in action for yourselves.

If you didn’t know before, you’ll know once you watch the BetUS NFL Conference Championship BetFlix segment. Damon D and BetUS have got the online sports wagering industry on ‘lock’.

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