Betting on the NFL: Lines Up for Week 1 2011

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Dan Shapiro
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Betting on the NFL

Everyone is excited to be betting on the NFL again and who cares if some stupid little lockout concerns got in the way.  That issue appeared to be resolving itself at the time this piece went to press.

SBG Global was one of the few online sportsbooks offering lines on Week 1 of the 2011 NFL season.  Let’s do a quick rundown.

The Saints-Packers game kicks everything off on the Thursday before Sunday’s big games (September 8).  Here, Green Bay is listed as the -5 favorite.

The Baltimore Ravens host Pittsburgh as a -3 favorite.

Tampa Bay, which surprised everyone last year, is just a -3 favorite vs. Detroit?  Get your bets on this one now and lock in the line here.

Kansas City is a -7 favorite at home vs. Buffalo.

Houston is an even odds favorite hosting Indianapolis.

The Eagles are a -4 favorite in St. Louis.

Cleveland is listed with a -3 line hosting the Bengals. 

The Jaguars are at -2.5 vs. the Titans.  Jacksonville is at home.

Washington hosts a favored Giants team that comes in at -3.

The pathetic game of the week that only appeals to those betting on the NFL is Arizona hosting Carolina as a -3 favorite.  Maybe the Panthers improve.  Who knows?

The 49ers were a -5.5 favorite against visiting Seattle.

San Diego was a huge -9.5 favorite hosting Minnesota.

The Jets were at -4 hosting Dallas Sunday night.

There were two Monday night games on the card including the Patriots in Miami as a -4 favorite.  Denver was a -1 favorite hosting Oakland.

For those of you betting on the NFL futures, here is how to read these American odds:  +100 would mean that a $10 bet pays $10 or a $100 bet pays $100.  +500 means that a $10 bet would pay out $50 and a $100 bet would pay out $500.  +1000 means that a $10 bet pays $100 and a $100 bet pays $1000.  +5000 means that a $10 bet pays $500 and a $100 bet pays $5000. 

These 2012 Super Bowl odds to win were available as of July 8, 2011 and will be updated accordingly.  All odds courtesy of SBG Global here

Local bookmakers around the globe should consider having a company manage clients – check out PayPerHead.com.  Players can bet online and play poker. 

NFL Futures




Arizona Cardinals



Atlanta Falcons



Baltimore Ravens



Buffalo Bills



Carolina Panthers



Chicago Bears



Cincinnati Bengals



Cleveland Browns



Dallas Cowboys



Denver Broncos



Detroit Lions



Green Bay Packers



Houston Texans



Indianapolis Colts



Jacksonville Jaguars



Kansas City Chiefs



Miami Dolphins



Minnesota Vikings



New England Patriots



New Orleans Saints



New York Giants



New York Jets



Oakland Raiders



Philadelphia Eagles



Pittsburgh Steelers



San Diego Chargers



San Francisco 49ers



Seattle Seahawks



St Louis Rams



Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Tennessee Titans



Washington Redskins


- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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