Betting on the 2012 Super Bowl With Your iPad

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Aaron Goldstein
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Betting on the 2012 Super Bowl With Your iPad

Can you really bet on the 2012 Super Bowl using your iPad.  The answer is a resounding “H*** Yes!”  ( was offering hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets here.  Bet with your mobile phones and, yes, your iPad)

In fact, it’s interesting to point out that heading into the regular NFL season, was reporting that approximately 25 percent of the betting was now done on mobile phones and similar devices.  There wasn’t a specific breakdown where the iPad is concerned.  However,

In August 2011 these were the iPad stats courtesy of Signal News

The share of non-computer Internet traffic for the US was at 6.8 percent in August of 2011. The iPad generates 1/3 of that non-computer traffic.

10 percent of tablet traffic occurs over mobile broadband.

The iPad dominates 97.2 percent of all tablet traffic in the U.S.

You can access your account directly from your iPhone, iTouch and iPad using your internet browser.  The website is fully compatible for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android without a download necessary.  Remember, you can bet every play of the 2012 Super Bowl live. 


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