Betting on the 2010 Super Bowl Brisk Early On

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Betting on the 2010 Super Bowl

Heading into this weekend, betting on the 2010 Super Bowl was especially brisk when compared to last year at this time. 

A sign that the economy is starting to improve?

"It could also be that the quality of teams is better,"'s Peyton O'Brien stated, making reference to last year's Super Bowl where the identity-challenge Arizona Cardinals came in having underperformed to a degree as part of the NFL's weakest divisions.  "Now you have a Saints team whose fan base has grown tremendously over the years and a Colts team that features perhaps one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, Peyton Manning."

There are also sports bettors who believe New Orleans has a better chance now that Dwight Freeney's injury woes have come to light.

"Even if he plays, he may not be at 100 percent," says Don Shapiro of 

That has prompted the oddsmakers to move the line vigorously down from Colts -6 to -4 ½.

Through the first 13 games, the Saints averaged 35.8 points, then dropped off in the last three losses, but still led the NFL (31.9).  And the Saints have ramped it up once again in the Playoffs.

Betting on the 2010 Super Bowl Saints moneyline pays nearly $20 for every $10 bet at SBG Global should New Orleans win outright.

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