Arizona Cardinals Odds to Win 2010 Super Bowl

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Arizona Cardinals Odds to Win 2010 Super Bowl

Despite having made an appearance in last year's big game and nearly stunning the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers, the Arizona Cardinals odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl were pretty long at +2300 for a payout potential of $2300 on every $100 bet or $230 for every $10 bet.

There is good news for the Arizona Cardinals and reason why these odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl have some value.  Once again, the division looks weak.  Some teams may improve but it's doubtful any will reach the .500 mark. 

Arizona on the other hand has all the pieces in place to make another run for the Super Bowl.  They may even still be under the radar considering the lack of respect from oddsmakers.

Quarterback Kurt Warner still has another year or two of gas left in the tank.  He's proven time and time again that, with the right support staff, he can carry a team on his shoulders.  Warner is also the best when it comes to picking apart the blitz.  But the real star of this team is Larry Fitzgerald and an early MVP watch is already in place (in fact he is listed with +1200 odds to be named league MVP in 2009). Anquan Boldin is another super star on the Cardinals roster worth keeping an eye on. 

The Cardinals finished 28th in points allowed and 28th in red zone defense last year.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt promoted Bill Davis from linebacking coach to coordinator.  There will still be questions on defense but they could potential improve in this area. 

The offense on the other hand needs little improvement though the running backs provide somewhat of a hole.  Chris "Beanie" Wells gives the Cardinals a powerful option in the running game but there are questions about his durability.  Whisenhunt is expected to make the play calls on offense as he did in 2007. 

The oddsmakers at Sports Interaction.com fully expect Arizona to win over 8 ½ games, which in the NFC West is enough to get the Cardinals in the Playoffs although they will want home field advantage.

You can find the Arizona Cardinals 2010 Super Bowl odds here

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com 

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