Almost $116 Million Bet on Super Bowl 49 in Nevada: 2nd Biggest Handle Ever

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Aaron Goldstein
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Almost $116 Million Bet on Super Bowl 49 in Nevada: 2nd Biggest Handle Ever

Nearly $116 million was bet on Super Bowl 49 in Nevada, the only U.S. state to legally allow sports betting.  The game between New England and Seattle failed to break last year’s record of $119 million however.

The Nevada State Gaming Control Board released the $116 million figure within 24 hours of the game having ended.  It does not take into account online wagers and those made throughout Europe and the rest of the world where American Football continues to gain in popularity. 

New England beat the Seahawks 28-24 final seconds interceptions with Seattle half the distance from the goal and about to score.    67 percent of the action was on the Patriots -1 point spread, leaving bookmakers reeling.  Various Super Bowl props helped cushion those losses at most books.  Seattle failed to cover even for those who got down on action when the line initially opened at Seahawks -3.

This year’s Super Bowl provided the state with its second biggest handle for any one-day sporting event though the books only won $3.26 million of that.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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