2018 NFL Wild Card Lines and Sportsbook Comments

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BookMaker.eu has released odds for Wild Card Weekend of the 2017 NFL Playoffs. You can find opening odds, early movement and analysis below.

Falcons at Rams (-6, 49.5)

We know that we’ll see solid Atlanta money from the public given the star power on the team, but this isn’t your older brother’s Rams bunch. We do expect this to be bet down at some point, but at the end of the day L.A. is multiple pegs higher in the power ratings. We should get solid two-way action from the sharps and squares at this number.

Update: Early sharp money on Falcons, moving spread to -4

Panthers at Saints (-5.5, 48)

Given how this series played out during the regular season, the average bettor might expect a number closer to a touchdown. But we know that the Panthers are one of the most enigmatic teams in the league, and we know that the Saints may not be the team they are perceived to be.

Bills at Jaguars (-7.5, 41)

This feels like a high number, and some on the team wanted to see a much lower spread. We’ll see what Blake Bortles and that Jags offense is really made of here. Smart money feels like an under play on the total, and the betting public won’t be terribly interested in this one overall. Bills are a value play that will garner pro money.

Update: Early sharp money on Bills, moving spread to -7

Titans at Chiefs (-7.5, 45)

Our ratings have the Titans as the worst team in the playoffs. The Chiefs have certainly been uninspiring during the second half of the season, but we’re going to have trouble attracting Tennessee money here. Like the other AFC matchup, definitely not the sexiest, and we’ll have ample teaser and parlay liability with both of the favorites.

Update: Early sharp money on Titans, moving spread to -7

Wild Card Notes:

- Buffalo hasn't won a playoff game since 1995 (0-4 SU/1-3 ATS)
- Tennessee hasn't won a playoff game since 2004 (0-3 SU/1-2 ATS since)
- The Chiefs have one playoff win since 1994 (1-10 SU/1-10 ATS since)

- The Falcons haven’t won a road playoff game since 2003 (0-4 SU/ATS since)
- Carolina hasn't won a road playoff game since 2006 (0-3 SU/ATS since)
- The Saints are undefeated in home playoff games since 1993 (3-2 ATS)

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