2017 Thanksgiving College Football | 2 Fantastic Predictions

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Thanksgiving always brings a busy week in sports and college football is no exception. This year we have one fantastic game on Thanksgiving Day with Ole Miss vs. Mississippi St. and then Friday brings more than a handful of good games along with two top 25 games. This is rival week in college football and this is always the most fun week of the year. You can count on surprises and you can count on another wild ride. There are sure to be at least a handful of upsets and who knows what we can expect.

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Ole Miss vs. #16 Mississippi State

This will be a fun one and even though it’s a down year for Ole Miss, don’t expect them to lay down for their rival. Many have forgotten that Ole Miss does have a quarterback and he can play. Shea Patterson comes into this one with 2259 passing yards and 17 touchdowns and a big time receiver to go along with in A.J. Brown at 69 receptions for 10855 yards and 10 touchdowns. Not bad considering that this team has gone through turmoil and headache and a meltdown at the beginning of the year. With some big wins and some bad loses, they are not shot on big issues, however, to be 5-6 after the dust settled last week; not bad! This team has players that want to win and they will get up for this game. They will be competitive and maybe certainly not win outright, but will keep it close. Look for an outstanding contest.

Prediction: Ole Miss +16.5

#2 Miami vs. Pittsburgh

Miami is getting no respect from Vegas in this one, none! -13.5 is a stupid number. Jump on this and grab it quickly. This is not a rival game on any level, it won’t be a good game, (unless you are a Cain’s fan) it won’t be a close game, it won’t be competitive. We draw a line in the sand with this matchup and say; ‘no contest”. None whatsoever. This thing should end in the mid 50’s-less than 24. Why waste your time here breaking down numbers? That’s a waste of time to read and completely insignificant. Miami wins big.

Prediction:  Miami -13.5

There are several great games on Friday and you don’t want to miss out. Saturday brings even more so be sure to look for our NCAA football previews and predictions. This week is the best week in college football and we have all waited for the moment. Enjoy some turkey, some cranberry and some pumpkin pie and a whole lot of football. Don’t forget to win some money! Break my bookie. Happy Thanksgiving.

Football News News

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What is the Early Line on the Iowa vs. Wisconsin Game October 30?

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What is the Early Line on the Bears-49ers Game October 31?

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What is the Early Line on the Steelers-Browns Game October 31?

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Early Line on the Cardinals-Packers Thursday Night Football Game

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