2017 Super Bowl Coin Toss Bet Payout 4-1 Odds at One Gambling Site

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Bookmaker, a company founded all the way back in 1986, has innovated the Super Bowl coin toss prop bet by offering the best price we here at Gambling911.com have ever seen.

Tails will pay just shy of 4-1 odds or US$38 for every US$10 bet for the 2017 Super Bowl.  Of course there’s not much point betting on Heads at a price of -600.  This prop bet is specific to the player calling the coin toss calling Tails.

Do the fine folks at Bookmaker know something we don’t know?

It should be noted that tails has only hit four times straight on two occasions over fifty Super Bowls.

BUT keep in mind also that four of the last five Super Bowls that the Patriots have played in have landed on tails.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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