2017 NFL Week 10 | Preview and Predictions

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We are not in crunch time yet but we are close! Teams that find themselves three or four games out are the teams that must start winning. For the Denver Broncos this is especially true.

There are teams in the past that have suffered four game losing streaks and even five game losing streaks and made it to the playoffs. The Broncos are not done mathematically but are they done psychologically? It takes a very big toll on teams when they go on a two or three games losing streak, let alone four games.

The Broncos must win this week against the Patriots and the beauty of the NFL vs. college. In college, a win, is a win. There is none of this having to make a statement or keeping the foot on the gas or running up the score. What matters is the win. It can be ugly, it can be close and it can be in the last second. If the Broncos can’t find a way to dig deep and win this contest, they will miss the playoffs. They will have no chance whatsoever. The AFC West is too difficult of a conference to overcome five straight loses.

All of the games this week are going to be fun and a few are must wins. Check out who we like and follow us to victory lane. We have given you some great picks this year and the goal here is winning money. It’s the time of year to find the best numbers. Lines and odds mean everything. Make sure that your online sports book is offering the sharpest sports betting odds.

Saints vs. Bills

They both come into this one needing a win but even more so, the Bills need this to get back on track. After an embarrassing beat down at the hand of the Jets and a few extra days of rest and regrouping the Bills will be ready. It’s not going to be easy and this will be a dog fight. The Saints have surprised the football world with a 6-2 record and are playing very well. Drew Brees is up to his old tricks and he definitely doesn’t want to leave Buffalo with a loss. LeSean McCoy had better put the Bills on his back this week and will this team to a victory. For the Bills it run first, pass later and they must control the tempo of this game. A shootout, spells trouble. Look for this one to score a lot of points.

Prediction: Over 48

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Steelers vs. Colts

Look the Colts have struggled big time to finish games but they have been competitive in nearly every affair. Brissett has been solid and by all accounts has filled his role very nicely. The loss of Andrew Luck has been catastrophic for the Colts but things are looking up. Do not discredit the Colts big road victory in Houston last week. Who cares who the quarterback was? The Colt went on the road to a division rival and picked up the victory. They are hungry and this team has talent. They are dangerous. Big Ben is also dangerous and this is his time of the year. Look for a much better game than Vegas wants you to think it will be. The Colts will not lay down and die at home.

Prediction: Colts + 11

Vikings vs. Redskins

The Redskins control their own destiny in the hunt for January. The Cowboys are a question mark and without Elliott who know where the will finish. The Eagles are the best team in the NFL and week to week they seem to improve. It’s safe to say, they will be the division winner. The Redskins have the talent to win games and big games. The showed it on Thursday by giving the business to the Seahawks in Seattle. Have the Redskins found their groove and does the Seahawks win translate to this week against the 6-2 Vikings. We think it does. The Vikings never take anyone by surprise and this year is no exception. Look for a falling away from this team and look for Washington and Kirk Cousins to protect their home turf.

Prediction: Why take 1.5? Take the moneyline in this one and thank us on Monday!

Have fun this week and remember your goal; breaking the bookie! Find an online sportsbook that cares about you and one that offers great odds. Don’t get hooked with a bookie that doesn’t like to pay you when you beat them. Find a great NFL player bonus, it’s not too late. Bonuses are a great thing and you can win a lot of money using them. The trick with bonuses it to find a bookie that won’t kill you with rollover. Win some money this week and enjoy your NFL Sunday.

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