2017 Football Preseason Betting Gets Under Way this Week

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As of this past Monday, the NFL season is officially 31 days away and counting, and last Thursday was the first official preseason game, which was the Hall of Fame game, where the Cowboys edged out the Cardinals. The rest of the NFL teams will play in their first preseason game of the year this week, with games kicking off Wednesday through Sunday.

Many price per head book service companies already have the lines for each of these week 1 preseason games, and will have the half time lines the day of each game. Even though preseason does not count in terms of a teamís regular season record, teams still give the starters a few plays to begin to get used to the speed of the game again. Mainly these preseason games are used to give the youngsters and guys on the roster bubble a chance to showcase their skills and hopefully earn themselves a chance to make the 53 man roster.

Even though a lot of the starters are not playing or will play for a limited amount of time, there is still plenty of action bet on the games. All lines reflect the fact that numerous starters are not going to play that much.

In addition to the preseason games that are under way, some sites such as AcePerHead.com have numerous NFL betting options such as the regular season week 1 odds, each teamsí odds to make the playoffs or not, regular season MVP, odds of a team to go 16-0, 19-0, and 0-16 or not, each teamís odds to win the Super Bowl, Division, and NFC and AFC Championships, Super Bowl Matchups, each teamís regular season win total over / under, regular season player props, offensive and defensive rookie of the year, and player with most regular season passing, rushing and receiving yards. Most of these wager options are only available to bet before the season begins, so it is important that anyone interested in betting them does that as soon as possible and before the first regular season game of the year.

For people who are interested in booking action and becoming an agent for the upcoming football season, now is a good time to get set up so they are all set and ready for the NFL regular season. There are many different bookmaker software programs to use, but only one company is offering up to 6 weeks free, which is Ace Per Head, and you can call them 24/7 at 1-800-909-5193 to get set up immediately with this limited time offer.

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