2013 Super Bowl Betting Line Settles in at -4

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Ean Lamb
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2013 Super Bowl Betting Line Settles in at -4

Immediately following Baltimore’s win over New England, oddsmakers posted the 2013 Super betting line offering a number of -5.5 across the board.  Right away, that number began to fluctuate wildly.


“Within two hours, the line had fallen from San Francisco -5.5 to -3.5 at Bookmaker,” notes Don Shapiro of Gambling911.com. 

By Monday morning the number had moved back up to -4 with the Ravens seeing 55 percent of the betting action on the spread.

The line at PinnacleSports.com didn’t quite dip down to -3.5 (at least we at Gambling911.com didn’t see this happen).  As of Monday morning, they too were holding at -4.

Recreational online betting firm Sportsbook.com was also holding at -4, a strong indication that the 2013 Super Bowl may have settled in at this line with only minor fluctuations over the next two weeks.

“Gambling911.com was the first to post an anticipated line of San Francisco -6 prior to the conclusion of the AFC Championship game,” Shapiro said.  “Even at -5.5, there was a bit of an underlay in our opinion.”

Baltimore paid 3/1 odds on the money line with the outright win, something Gambling911.com had earlier predicted might happen. 

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- Ean Lamb, Gambling911.com

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