2012 Week 2 Preseason NFL Betting Odds: Eight Underdogs See More Public Action

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Don Shapiro
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2012 Week 2 Preseason NFL Betting Odds:

The 2012 Week 2 Preseason NFL betting odds are out and available at Bookmaker.eu here

Some interesting observations made by Gambling911.com:

*Eight of the underdogs were seeing more of the public action.  That’s half of the sixteen games being played.

*Of those eight underdogs, Tennessee, Miami, Detroit and San Francisco were seeing greater than 70 percent of the action.  The 49ers were seeing the most lopsided betting action of the underdogs early on at 73 percent. 

*The Green Bay Packers were seeing the most betting action of the four NFL teams playing Thursday night. 

*Both the Packers and Falcons were getting more than 60 percent of the wagering action as the favorites in their respective games. 

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Matchup Bookmaker Current (line is home team)
Cincinnati @ Atlanta -4
Cleveland @ Green Bay -3
Tennessee @ Tampa Bay -3
Miami @ Carolina -3
Detroit @ Baltimore -2.5
Buffalo @ Minnesota -2.5
Jacksonville @ New Orleans -6.5
Oakland @ Arizona -5

New York Giants @ New York Jets -1
Kansas City @ St. Louis +1
Washington @ Chicago -1.5
San Francisco @ Houston -3
Seattle @ Denver PK

Dallas @ San Diego -3
Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh -4
Philadelphia @ New England PK


Matchup Bookmaker Opener/Bookmaker Current
Cincinnati @ Atlanta 37/38
Cleveland @ Green Bay 38/40
Tennessee @ Tampa Bay 37/37.5
Miami @ Carolina 36/37
Detroit @ Baltimore 37.5/39
Buffalo @ Minnesota 36/37
Jacksonville @ New Orleans 39/39.5
Oakland @ Arizona 36.5/37
Kansas City @ St. Louis 35.5/36
Washington @ Chicago 36/37
San Francisco @ Houston 36/37
Seattle @ Denver 37.5/38
Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh 37.5/38
Philadelphia @ New England 39/41

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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