2011 Super Bowl Margin of Victory Odds

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2011 Super Bowl Margin of Victory Odds

The 2011 Super Bowl margin of victory odds have been released by Sportsbook.com.  This is one of the more popular betting options related to the Super Bowl.  It is also among the more lucrative. 

The Packers winning by 01-04 points, for example, would pay out $35 for every $10 bet or $350 for every $100 bet (+350 odds).

But this is actually the lowest payout offered.  A Steelers win by that same margin and a Packers win by 05-08 points each pay $50 for every $10 bet.  The payouts keep increasing.

Below you will find all the 2011 Super Bowl margin of victory odds.

Packers Win By 01-04 pts  +350                   

Packers Win By 05-08 pts   +500

Packers Win By 09-12 pts   +700

Packers Win By 13-16 pts   +800

 Packers Win By 17-20 pts  +1200

Packers Win By 21-24 pts   +2000

Packers Win By 25-28 pts     +3000

Packers Win By 29-33 pts    +6000

Packers Win By 34-38 pts    +7500

Packers Win By 39 or more    +4000

Steelers Win By 01-04 pts   +500

Steelers Win By 05-08 pts    +700

Steelers Win By 09-12 pts     +1000

Steelers Win By 13-16 pts      +1000

Steelers Win By 17-20 pts       +1500

Steelers Win By 21-24 pts      +3000

Steelers Win By 25-28 pts      +5000

Steelers Win By 29-33 pts      +10000

Steelers Win By 34-38 pts       +10000

Steelers Win By 39 or more    +5000

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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