2011 Super Bowl Line Stubborn

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Dan Shapiro
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2011 Super Bowl Line

The 2011 Super Bowl line was -3 in favor of the Green Bay Packers at most online sportsbooks and -2.5 at the Vegas establishments.  75 percent of reporting online books now had the line at -3. 

A few of the Vegas books actually opened the Steelers as favorites two weeks ago immediately following the championship games.

At one point during the week SBG Global had dropped the line to -2.  SBG Global still offered the line at -2.5, which is the best price for anyone betting the Packers since many Super Bowls have been won by 3 points.  4 of the last 10 Super Bowls were won by a field goal in fact.

SBG Global’s Super Bowl line movements over the past two weeks were somewhat limited compared to most other books.

01/23/11 11:14:58 PM          -2.5/-110 (Open)      46 -110 (Open)

01/24/11 1:55:02 PM            -2.5/-110       45.5 -110

01/24/11 3:45:08 PM            -2/-110           45.5 -110

01/24/11 4:45:01 PM            -1.5/-110       45.5 -110

01/24/11 5:05:07 PM            -2/-110           45.5 -110

01/25/11 12:05:00 PM          -2/-110           44.5 -110

01/26/11 8:25:01 PM            -2/-110           44 -110

01/28/11 8:55:02 PM            -2.5/-110       44 -110

02/02/11 12:35:02 PM          -2.5/-110       44.5 -110

Here is just a sampling of other 2011 Super Bowl lines available at SBG Global coming into Sunday morning:

Coin toss land – heads or tails -115.

Who will win the coin toss -115 either team.

Team to receive opening kickoff -135 Packers and even odds on the Steelers.

First team to score:  Packers -120, Steelers -110.

Team to score last:  Both have a Super Bowl line of -115.

First to get 1st down:  Steelers -105, Packers -125.

First penalty:  Steelers -130, Packers even.

More Super Bowl lines here

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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