2011 Super Bowl Halftime Betting: Plenty of Odds Offered

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Don Shapiro
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2011 Super Bowl Halftime Betting

2011 Super Bowl Halftime betting has never been more popular with the advent of mobile wagering platforms.  Here at Gambling911.com, last year’s Super Bowl represented the first time ever that traffic coming to the site remained heavy throughout the game.

“It used to be that once the Super Bowl started, everyone would have placed their bets and shut down their computers,” explains Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor of the Gambling911.com website.  “Now you have everyone with mobile devices, able to place bets throughout the game.  They are always coming to the site for information and 2011 should represent a substantial increase in that number.”

Super Bowl halftime betting has always enjoyed some degree of popularity among the diehards but now online sportsbooks anticipated betting throughout the game, with quarter lines offered as well.

One also doesn’t have to wait until halftime to place these types of bets.

SBG Global was offering odds on what quarter the Steelers will score the most number of pointsfor example with the 2nd quarter paying out $17 on a $10 bet and the remaining quarters paying between $20 and $30.  There were also early odds on which quarter would have the most points scored. 

“People like interactive so we’ll see a lot of bets placed throughout the game this year I suspect,” O’Brien added.   

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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