2011 Super Bowl Betting Preview

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2011 Super Bowl Betting Previe

This 2011 Super Bowl betting preview is courtesy of SBG Global. 

Super Bowl XLV kicks off at approximately 6:30 pm Eastern on Sunday as the Green Bay Packers face the Pittsburgh Steelers.  You can bet on the side and total on the game and you can also bet on the numerous propositions. Let’s look at some of the most popular props offered at the SBG Global sportsbook.

Super Bowl props begin before the game even starts as you can bet on the opening coin toss.  You can continue with early game props on the first pass, the first 1st down, the first punt, the first penalty, the first score, etc. One of the most popular props every year is the one on which player will get the first touchdown of the game.  This is a prop where you can get some nice payouts, especially if an unexpected player gets the first TD.  The favorites on this prop are the two running backs, Pittsburgh’s Rashard Mendenhall and Green Bay’s James Starks.  The top two receivers, Green Bay’s Greg Jennings and Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace are right there as well.  If you think the first score might be a defensive touchdown then you can take the field at odds of 5-1.

You can be in action all throughout the game by betting 2011 Super Bowl props.  You can even bet on which player you think will catch the last pass of the game. That prop will keep you excited well into the fourth quarter.  You can even bet on whether you think there will be a score in the last three and half minutes of the game with the Yes at -180.

Some other popular propositions every year in the Super Bowl are whether the game will go into overtime and whether or not there will be a 2-point conversion. You can get a nice price on both of those choices if you choose the Yes option.

If you want to get specific on certain things you can get some decent odds. Pick the highest scoring quarter, how long the first TD of the game will be, how long the first field goal will be, etc.  If you want to get specific and bet on an individual player there are props on virtually all of the key players on both teams. There are a number of props for quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers and props for all of the key running backs and wide receivers for both teams. You can also get some head-to-head matchups that put Rodgers up against Roethlisberger, Mendenhall against Starks and others.  There are so many 2011 Super Bowl betting props that you are bound to find something to your liking that will keep you cheering the entire game.

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