2010 Week 8 NFL Power Rankings – Latest Super Bowl Odds

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Don Shapiro
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2010 Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

These 2010 Week 8 NFL Power Rankings courtesy of Gambling911.com are based on the latest odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl.  The number in ( ) was last week’s ranking.  All odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl were courtesy of BetUS.com

The Pittsburgh Steelers replace the New York Jets as the new number one team, though the odds are only a half point difference to win the 2011 Super Bowl.  Both teams are still trending up and, depending on this week’s play, we are likely to see their odds slashed even further. 

The New York Giants shoot up five rankings to number 4 and have had their odds of winning the 2011 Super Bowl cut in half from 16/1 to 8/1.  Still, $800 for every $100 bet is tempting.

*1 Pittsburgh Steelers (2) – Still a great payout of $600 for every $100 bet should the Steelers win the 2011 Super Bowl.  

*2 New York Jets (1) – Pays $650 for every $100 bet.

*3 Baltimore Ravens (3) – Pays $800 for every $100 bet.

*4 New York Giants (9) – Pays $800 for every $100 bet.

*5 Indianapolis Colts (4) – Pays $900 for every $100 bet.

*6 New England Patriots (5) – Pays $1000 for every $100 bet.

*7 Atlanta Falcons (7) – Pays $1200 for every $100 bet.

*8 Green Bay Packers (8) – Pays $1200 for every $100 bet.

*9 New Orleans Saints (6) – Pays $1600 for every $100 bet.

*10 Tennessee Titans (X) – Pays $1600 for every $100 bet.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com  

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