2010 Week 7 NFL Predictions From Carrie Stroup

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Carrie Stroup
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2010 Week 7 NFL Predictions

Carrie Stroup here with my 2010 Week 7 NFL predictions.  I base my picks on what teams the public is backing heavily and go against those under the premise that “the house always wins in the long run”. 

In the short term, we did pretty horrible last week, therefore I am anticipating a bit of a comeback (at least I hope so). 

The Steelers were a -3 favorite in Miami getting close to 80 percent of the betting action.  That amount of volume is borderline when it comes to my predictions, however, Pittsburgh was the most wagered on NFL team this week and the game itself was getting significant volume.  I like Miami +3.

The Patriots were at +2.5 and were the second most bet on team of the weekend.  This is a rare pick where I am going with the favorite, Chargers at -2 ½.  It is actually the first time I have picked a favorite this season in the NFL.  Patriots were getting 81 percent of the betting action here.

This week I am only offering up two picks in the NFL.  The next most heavily bet on team was the San Francisco 49ers, however, they were getting below the action threshold I have in place at 68 percent.  They play the Panthers, who are at +3.

Good luck everyone! – Carrie Stroup.

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