2010 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: Updated Super Bowl Odds

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Don Shapiro
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2010 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

These 2010 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings are a reflection of the odds that have been placed on each team to win the 2011 Super Bowl.  These odds were located on the SBG Global website.

After two weeks of relative non-movement, last week witnessed several big changes, the most notable of which was Green Bay’s drop from the top spot and both Baltimore and the New York Jets taking over.

This week we have the Jets moving up from number two to number one while Pittsburgh takes over the number two spot on our 2010 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings.  The Steelers would pay out $700 for every $100 bet on the 2011 Super Bowl should they win. 

The biggest movers of the week upwards were the Steelers, Patriots (up from number 7 to number 5), Saints (up from number 8 to number 6).

The Packers take another nose dive to number 8 from number 5.

This week’s only new entry is the Minnesota Vikings, who replace the disappointing San Diego Chargers. 


The ( ) represents last week’s power ranking

*1 New York Jets (2) – Pays $650 on a $100 bet to win the 2011 Super Bowl

*2 Pittsburgh Steelers (4) – Pays $700

*3 Baltimore Ravens (1) – Pays $800

*4 Indianapolis Colts (3) – Pays $900

*5 New England Patriots (7) – Pays $1000

*6 New Orleans Saints (8) – Pays $1100

*7 Atlanta Falcons (6) – Pays $1400

*8 Green Bay Packers (5) – Pays $1400

*9 New York Giants (10) – Pays $1600

*10 Minnesota Vikings (new) – Pays $1600

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com reporting

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