2010 Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

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2010 Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

These are your 2010 Week 2 NFL Power Rankings based heavily on the most updated odds published by the oddsmakers at BetUS.com (see their website here to learn about getting a FREE $75)

Gambling911.com also provides the latest odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl with these power rankings.

*1 – Green Bay Packers - Personally, those of us at Gambling911.com are scratching our heads over this one but the oddsmakers have them paying 7/1 and that’s good enough for the Packers to be the new favorites to win the 2011 Super Bowl.  Didn’t they nearly blow it in Philadelphia this weekend?

*2 – New Orleans Saints – The Saints, despite an impressive statement win over the Minnesota Vikings during Week 1, only move up a half point in terms of odds to win the 2011 Super Bowl.  BetUS.com now has them with +850 odds paying $85 for every $10 bet or $850 for every $100 bet (high rollers placing a $1000 bet would be paid $8500 with a Saints Super Bowl championship repeat). 

*3 – Baltimore Ravens – After beating the Jets Monday night, oddsmakers have the Ravens as the remaining of three teams with single digit odds of winning the 2011 Super Bowl.  They would pay 9/1 odds.

*4 – New England Patriots – They opened at 12/1 odds and were now at 10/1.  They looked like the dominant Patriots of past years.

*5 – The Indianapolis Colts – One bad game.  It just happened to be the opener.  Gambling911.com firmly believes they will only be more motivated in coming weeks.  Can you say “wake up call”.  10/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl this season.

*6 – Dallas Cowboys – They were at 12/1 odds this week and probably don’t deserve to be in the 2010 Week 2 NFL Power Rankings at number 6, but the oddsmakers at BetUS.com seem to think otherwise despite their loss to the Redskins Sunday night.

*7 – San Diego Chargers – It might not be time to jump on those enticing Kansas City Chiefs odds to win the division just yet, but the Chargers were served notice Monday night and come in with 14/1 odds.

*8 – New York Jets – Oddsmakers haven’t counted them out just yet after being beaten at home by the Baltimore Ravens, however, their odds were nearly doubled to 16/1.

*9 (TIE) – Pittsburgh Steelers – They won ugly but the first four weeks were supposed to be tough without Roethlisberger starting and Week 1 was probably going to be the toughest.  The Steelers were a rare home underdog in this one.  They had 20-1 odds.

*9 (TIE) – Minnesota Vikings – Also with 20/1 odds, they battled it out on the road in New Orleans against the reigning Super Bowl champions, so nobody is counting the Vikings out just yet.

*9 (TIE) – New York Giants – This was another ugly game, but the Giants defense pulled it off and their odds of winning the 2011 Super Bowl remain pretty steady this week at 10/1.

All 2011 Super Bowll odds can be found at BetUS.com here.


Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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