2010 Super Bowl Totals Betting

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2010 Super Bowl Totals Betting

2010 Super Bowl totals betting featured a line that has stayed pretty steady at OVER/UNDER 56 ½ with a move up one half point at some online sportsbooks.  More than 80 percent were voting the OVER even though this was the biggest number to ever be assigned to a Super Bowl.

BetUS.com, which was offering the line at 56 ½, suggested that the OVER was a wise bet.

That company provided 5 good reasons for the OVER when it comes to 2010 Super Bowl totals betting.

First, the Saints averaged 31.9 points per game during the regular season while the Colts averaged 26.0.  Neither defense is the greatest so these averages may go up during the Super Bowl.

Second, while post season historic stats suggest that teams usually get more conservative in their play calling, BetUS.com believes this will not apply to the Saints vs. Colts.  

"Both continue to be aggressive and not only calling the plays but executing them too. The Colts averaged 25 points against 2 strong defenses. The Saints averaged 38 points against a bad defense and a good defense. You do the math."

Third is third down conversions.

"Indy is the best team in the NFL in third down conversions with almost 49.2 % completion; they seem unstoppable especially when Austin Collie or Pierre Garcon get in the slot. And the Saints are the worst on stopping 3rd down conversions.

"On the other side New Orleans Saints completed 44.7% of their third down conversions attempts. Consider Drew Brees will find anyone in the black and gold as long as they are a ½ step ahead of the defender."

Then there is the Brees vs. Manning matchup between two amazing quarterbacks, suggesting a high scoring affair that makes one think of the 1997 Super Bowl.

And finally, there is the fact that Indy surpassed the 56 point total only in three games all season and both times against two teams that had great QBs and porous defenses like the Saints.

Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com  


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