2010 Super Bowl Results and Payouts

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2010 Super Bowl Results and Payouts

2010 Super Bowl results and payouts promised great rewards especially since nothing seemed to be going according to plan.  That included the Saints winning by 14 points.

The total listed on this game was the biggest in Super Bowl history at 57, but heading into the second half this one definitely didn't look like it was going over 57 and it didn't.  So all those UNDER bets won.  

The Indianapolis Colts lead the New Orleans Saints 10-6 at halftime of the Super Bowl.  The UNDER/OVER total was around 36 points for the half.  At one point at the start of the second half the Saints took the lead after they converted a surprise onside kick at the start of the 3rd quarter. 

Margin of Victory odds were expected to result in lucrative payouts. New Orleans went up 7 points following a successful two point conversion in the middle of the 4th quarter.  That would pay 8/1 odds.  With just a few minutes left in the game following an interception, the Saints were up 14 points in what was promising to be a major upset.  A $100 bet  paid out $1000.


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