2010 Super Bowl Proposition Bets: Manning vs. Brees

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Don Shapiro
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Drew Brees Peyton Manning

Among the many 2010 Super Bowl proposition bets being offered by SBG Global were those involving Manning vs. Brees.

Total passing yards by Peyton Manning featured the following odds:

0 to 100 yards was listed at +1000 for a payout potential of $100 on every $10 bet.

101 to 190 yards would pay $45 for every $10 bet.

191 to 245 would pay $30.

246 to 299 yards would pay $13.50 for every $10 bet and was the favorite though 300 to 325 would pay $14 and $326 upwards would pay out $15.

Drew Brees had similar odds for 0 to 100 yards, paying $100 for every $10 bet.

All other yard ranges paid anywhere from $13 to $18 for every $10 bet with Drew Brees.

Most of the other 2010 Super Bowl proposition bets involving Peyton Manning and Drew Brees favored Manning by the numbers.  Both quarterbacks had the same odds in terms of which will be thrown first:  Complete pass, incomplete pass or an interception.

The complete pass was favored by -260 and probably not worth betting while the incomplete pass would pay out 2/1 odds.  An interception has value, paying a whopping $120 for every $10 bet.

Total yards, rushing attempts, passing yards proposition bets were all available and, again, mostly favored Manning in terms of the best performance.  Manning's total passing yards over/under number was at 308 for example while Brees was at 284 ½. 

As far as Super Bowl MVP goes, Peyton Manning was listed with even odds, and we say that's great value.  Should New Orleans win the 2010 Super Bowl, Drew Brees could find himself the Most Valued Player of the game with +250 odds that would pay $25 for every $10 bet.

Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com         

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