2010 Super Bowl Odds: Latest Movement on Saints-Colts

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C Costigan
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2010 Super Bowl Odds

2010 Super Bowl odds continued to be volatile heading into Sunday afternoon, with only a few more hours left until game time.

In Vegas, The Hilton held at Colts -4 ½ while the majority of Strip books were sitting on the number "5".  A completely different story at the online sportsbooks where five different spread numbers were observed.

2010 Super Bowl odds were as high as Indianapolis Colts -6 and as low as -4.

Sportsbetting.com had not moved off the Saints +6 number in nearly the past 24 hours.

SBG Global stunned us last night by moving the line all the way down to Colts -4, the lowest that line has been anywhere since opening at -4 ½. 

Action varies from sportsbook to sportsbook in terms of which team is getting more money on the side.  The majority of books now appear to have more money coming in on New Orleans but this will remain a fluid situation right up until game time.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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