2010 Super Bowl Odds Drop to Colts -4 ½

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C Costigan
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2010 Super Bowl Odds

The 2010 Super Bowl odds have dropped from Colts -6 to -4 ½.  If anyone wants to get really creative, how about betting Indianapolis at -4 ½ at one online sportsbook and the New Orleans Saints at +6 at another?

Hollywood Sportsbook was now offering the Colts at -4 ½ while Sports Interaction.com maintained a line of Saints +6.

"Should the Colts win by 5 points, both bets win," points out Don Shapiro of Gambling911.com. 

The odds of that happening are quite long but not impossible.

Against the St. Louis Rams during the regular season the New Orleans Saints pulled off a 5 point win.

One possible scoring combination includes 2 touchdowns vs. three field goals or 14-9.  Two point conversions also help to make a 5 point win a reality.  For example, if The Colts were to win by 3 touchdowns and 8 points (successful two point conversion) and the Saints score 3 touchdowns and a field goal. 

"This was one of the most unstable lines we have seen for a Super Bowl," Shapiro claims.

2010 Super Bowl odds aren't likely to go above 6 points as this exposes the books to problems should the Colts win by a two field goals or 6 points.  A -6 ½ point line or -7 point line would then result in Saints bettors winning their wagers as would most of the Colts backers.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher


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