2009 Week 3 NFL Picks

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Frank Doyle
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2009 Week 3 NFL Picks

Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle makes his picks for Week 3 of the NFL. He is 4-2 for the season so far.

Denver is flying under the radar. The Broncos are unlikely to be in the shake-up by Christmas (although I don't quite buy into San Diego no matter how hard I try, and that gives the horsies a chance) but Denver has got off to a good start with a lucky win at Cincinnati and a thumping of the helpless Browns. This weekend Denver visits Oakland and Oakland is terrible.

The Raiders look better than they are because they covered nine points against the Chargers in Week 1 and beat the Chiefs straight up in Week 2. But take a look at the box score from that game against Kansas City. JaMarcus Russell was awful all through the game (7 of 24, 109 yards. 109!), but when the Chiefs decided not to rush him in the final drive, Russell found his receivers. The Broncos are unlikely to be so kind. Denver -2 with Sports Interaction is the first of my 2009 Week 3 NFL picks.

Buffalo is another team that's doing better than expected, thanks not least to running back Fred Jackson, who is fifth in the league. The guy went to Coe College, a Division III school outside Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and played in Europe before the Bills took a chance on him. The guy's a hero.

The Bills welcome the Saints to Orchard Park on Sunday. New Orleans is one of the form teams in the league with its light ‘em up offense, and Sports Interaction makes the Saints a six point favorite. That line looks just a little high to me, because I can't quite figure out who Buffalo are right now. What I do like though, is the fifty-two point total. I don't see either of these teams playing much defense, and that makes the total points scored between the Saints and Bills over 52 points with Sports Interaction the second of my 2009 Week 3 NFL picks.

Finally, the New York Giants are a seven point road favorite at Tampa Bay this weekend. Tampa Bay got cut open in the second half against Dallas, and Fred Jackson ran and ran and ran against the Bucs last Sunday. Only a let-down game from the Giants can save Tampa Bay, and Tom Coughlin, not the world's most easy-going man at the best of times, won't be letting that happen if he can help it. The New York Giants -7 with Sports Interaction is the final bet of the week.

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