2009 Week 1 NFL Betting Odds

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2009 Week 1 NFL Betting Odds

2009 Week 1 NFL betting odds were now available with shopping for the best price a top priority here at Gambling911.com.

Atlanta was a -4 favorite across the board versus Miami.  This one opened at -4 and there has been zero line movement.  A little over 60 percent of the betting action was going Atlanta's way heading into Saturday morning.

Baltimore was a -12 ½ favorite against Kansas City at most books though some had moved the line to -13.  A few of the Vegas sportsbooks were holding the line at -11.  60 percent of the betting was going towards the Ravens.

The Philadelphia Eagles were a -2 ½ favorite heading into Carolina at most establishments.  The line opened at -3.  Eagles were getting 80 percent of the betting action.

Cincinnati was a -4 ½ to -5 favorite at home vs. Denver.  Very lopsided action here with more than 85 percent on the Bengals. 

Minnesota vs. Cleveland was the hottest game of the day in terms of overall betting with the Vikings getting massive action (over 95 percent of it).   Minnesota opened as the -3 road favorite and the line had moved up to -4 ½ at some online sportsbooks.  SBG Global still held onto the -3 ½ at press time early Saturday morning.  With Bodog offering the line of +4 ½ for Cleveland, there was a middling opportunity (chance to win by betting both sides) if Minnesota were to win by 4 points. 

Houston was a -4 ½ favorite vs. the Jets with 70 percent of the betting action.  This line was moving up from -3 ½.

Indianapolis was a -7 favorite vs. Jacksonville.  The line opened at -7.  Action was 60/40 favoring Indy.

New Orleans was a -13 favorite against Detroit at home.  80 percent of bettors were on the Saints.

In what was another of the heavily bet on games early on of the NFL, Dallas was a -5 ½ favorite heading into Tampa Bay.  This one originally opened at -3.  Cowboys were getting almost 75 percent of the action.

Arizona was a -6 to -6 ½ favorite vs. San Francisco with the trend being a downward line movement since opening at -7.  65 percent of the money was going San Fran's way.

The Giants were a -6 ½ favorite vs. Washington.  Most books opened at -6.  65 percent of the action was going towards New York.

St. Louis vs. Seattle offered yet another middling opportunity with Sports Interaction featuring a line of St. Louis +9 and SBG having a line of Seattle -7 ½.  A Seahawks win by 8 would allow for two winning bets.  Even action here early on.

Chicago vs. Green Bay promised some heavy betting action as game time neared.  Sports Interaction still offered a line of -3 ½ and was one of the few online sportsbooks to do so.  Everyone else had a line of -4.  75 percent of the action was going Green Bay's way.

New England had a line of -10 ½ vs. Buffalo.  Very lopsided action here of 95 percent on the Patriots.  The line opened at -9 ½.  We were already seeing some 11's by early Saturday morning.

SBG Global was still offering San Diego as a -9 favorite at Oakland early Saturday morning.  This line had moved to -9 ½ at most other online sportsbooks.  The Chargers were getting 80 percent of the betting action.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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