2009 Week 1 College Football Betting Odds

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2009 Week 1 College Football Betting Odds

2009 Week 1 College Football betting odds are now available as the new season officially kicks off on Thursday.  Gambling911.com has your best odds for each game, saving you the time to shop around the Net.  We also point out lucrative middling opportunities whenever they become available.  This is when the line varies so much at different online sportsbooks that it is possible to bet on both sides and win should the number fall in the middle (i.e. Boise State is a -3 favorite at one sportsbook while Oregon is a +5 underdog at another online sportsbook and Boise State ends up winning by 4 points, you win both bets).

While North Carolina State was a -5 favorite at nearly every online sportsbook in the galaxy, Sportsbetting.com had North Carolina State at -4 ½ against South Carolina Thursday night.

Sportsbetting.com was also offering Bowling Green as a +7 ½ home dog as opposed to the +7 being offered everywhere else in their game against the mighty Troy.

2009 Week 1 College Football betting odds were also available for Oregon vs. Boise State, the most bet on of the College Football games heading into the new season. 

Oregon was a +4 underdog at Sportsbetting.com while Boise State was a -3 favorite at BetUS.com.

Minnesota at Syracuse should get some good action on Saturday.  The line was Minnesota -6 ½ to -7 depending on the sportsbook.

Western Michigan vs. Michigan featured a line of Michigan -12 ½ to -13.

Georgia vs. Oklahoma State promised to be yet another marquee matchup for the 2009 Week 1 College Football slate with a middling opportunity indeed available.  Sportsbetting.com offered Georgia at +5 ½ odds while Bookmaker.com had Oklahoma State at -4 ½ odds.   Bet on both sides to win big if Oklahoma State wins by 5 points!!!

Illinois was a -6 ½ favorite against Missouri at Bookmaker.com.  Most of the online sportsbooks were offering Illinois at -7.

Alabama fans will want to bet their team at Bookmaker.com since they had the line at -6 compared to -6 ½ everywhere else.

Sportsbetting.com was offering the lone +11 line on Colorado State whereby everyone else had the line at +10 in their game against Colorado. 

Cincinnati vs. Rutgers was yet another potential middling opportunity with Cincinnati a +6 ½ underdog at Sportsbetting.com and Rutgers -5 ½ at Sports Interaction.

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