2009 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

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2009 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

These are your 2009 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings that represent a composite of future odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl from three different online sportsbooks.  

It's interesting to observe that none of last week's top 10 have fallen out of the top 10.  But make no mistake about it, there are a few teams looking to break in after Week 6.

The number in the (  ) represents last week's Power Ranking position. 

This is a great time to place a future bet on the 2010 Super Bowl since none of the payout odds are lower than $600 (based on a $100 bet). 

Whenever possible Gambling911.com will link to the best payout odds available per team in our 2009 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings.

*1  New England Patriots (2) - They are back on top after dropping one rank for one week only.  The best payout odds on the Patriots were set $700 for every $100 bet at SBG Global.

*2  New Orleans Saints (3) - The Saints move up one notch and the payout odds have been slashed from $825 to $623.  Sportsbetting.com was still offering a $700 for every $100 bet at Sportsbetting.com.

*3  New York Giants (1) - The Giants didn't do anything wrong to lose control of the number one spot outside of Eli Manning suffering an injury that may or may not sideline him this coming Sunday.  Even if he plays, there is a chance he won't be 100 percent.  Still, he's a warrior.  The average odds to derive at our 2009 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings came in at $682 compared to around the $500 range last week.  The Giants would pay $800 to win the 2010 Super Bowl at SBG Global.

*4  Indianapolis Colts (6) - The undefeated Colts are finally getting some respect after sitting in the number 6 spot for a few weeks.  Sportsbetting.com has slashed Indy's payout odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl from $1200 to $800.

*5  Baltimore Ravens (4) - After losing to the New England Patriots on the road, Baltimore only drops a notch and hangs on in the top 5.  The best payout odds for winning the 2010 Super Bowl would be at Sportsbetting.com:  $1000 on every $100 bet.

*6  Pittsburgh Steelers (8) - The Steelers stock is rising after falling all the way down to the number 8 spot having peaked in the number 2 position among our 2009 NFL Weekly Rankings.  SBG Global was still offering them with strong payout potential of $1150 on a $100 bet if they win the Super Bowl.

*7  Minnesota Vikings (7) - The Vikings aren't necessarily getting the most respect all things considered.  You sorta get the feeling that one loss and the oddsmakers will be quick to drop Minnesota into the 20's among our rankings.  SBG offered them at +1200 odds.

*8  Philadelphia Eagles (9) - Move up a notch.  The best payout odds to win the 2010 Super Bowl:  Again at SBG Global at $1550 for every $100 bet.

*9  San Diego Chargers (5) - One of the bigger drops, though they manage to hang in the top 10.  SBG would pay $1750 on a Chargers Super Bowl win.

*10 New York Jets (10) - Same position as last week.  SBG at them at $1950 odds.

Now let's look at the remaining 2009 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings.

*11 Chicago Bears (12) - Best payout odds $3500 at Bookmaker.com

*12 Dallas Cowboys (11) - SBG would pay $2950.

*13 Atlanta Falcons (14) - Best payout odds $2950.  TIE

*13 San Francisco 49ers (15) - $2400 was the best payout odds.  TIE

*15 Denver Broncos (20) - SBG Global pays $3800 for every $100 bet.

*16 Green Bay Packers (13)

*17 Cincinnati Bengals (16)

*18 Arizona Cardinals (17)

*19 Jacksonville Jaguars (25)

*20 Miami Dolphins (26)

*21 Houston Texans (21)

*22 Tennessee Titans (18)

*23 Washington Redskins (23)

*24 Seattle Seahawks (19)

*25 Buffalo Bills (22)

*26 Carolina Panthers (24)

*27 Oakland Raiders (27)

*28 Detroit Lions (28)

*29 Tampa Bay Bucs (29)

*30 Kansas City Chiefs (30)

*31 Cleveland Browns (31)

*32 St. Louis Rams (32)

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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