eSports Gambling News: eSports and Gambling – A Match Made in Heaven

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eSports and Gambling – A Match Made in Heaven

(February 12, 2020) - Esports has an ever-expanding cult following. Considering its massive audiences , it remains surprisingly under the radar.

The esports gambling market is exploding alongside viewership (and prize money!). This is exactly why now is a great time to get in on the esport gambling game and its projected $8 Billion in 2019 wagers .

The industry continues to grow : from 280 million viewers in 2016 to a projected 557 million by next year. It is rivaling traditional sports as well. The League of Legends World Championship attracted 21.8 million viewers , compared to game 7 of the World Series at 23.2 million. This sport is just emerging from its shell.


EA Launches First International Multi-tournament Esports Series for Apex Legends

(December 18, 2019) - EA has announced the Apex Legends Global Series, comprised of 12 live global events and online events for PC players who will compete for a prize purse of more than $3 million. Registration for the first online event will open in early January 2020.

Only the top 60 Apex Legends Global Series teams in the world will be invited to battle for $1 million in prizes and the title of Apex Legends Global Series World Champion.

The first Apex Legends Global Series competition is an Online Tournament taking place on January 25, 2020.

Players can earn Apex Legends Global Series Points and an invitation to the first Major on March 13-15, 2020 held at Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington, Texas based on their Online Tournament performance.

Betting on this event will be available

Faker and kkOma Have Split...Now What?

(December 10, 2019) - No one has dominated League of Legends more completely than Faker and kkOma.  The two built a dynasty together, creating an unmatched legacy...

StarLadder Fails to Pay CSGO Casters on Time

CSGO hacker confronted by IRL streamer at DreamHack for cheating on LAN

A Polish Twitch streamer has confronted a blatant Counter-Strike: Global Offensive hacker at one of Europe’s biggest LAN events, Dreamhack Winter, leaving him stunned.

‘Benczek’ was wandering around day one of Dreamhack Winter and stumbled upon an individual who he observed was playing a wildly different game.

When he asked the player whether he was hacking or not, the player just straight up said “yes”, and he was on camera to boot.

Dignitas New Lineup, Looks to Step Back Into the Ring

friberg, Xizt, f0rest and hallzerk are expected to be part of the new Dignitas lineup as the team looks to get back in the CS:GO fray.

hallzerk is already confirmed.  The other three are widely expected to join the roster.

Both Xizt and f0rest are still under contract with Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Wondr Gaming Purchases AI Gaming Data Firm Rival.ai

(November 21, 2019) - Wondr Gaming, a fund founded solely for the purpose of building a strong portfolio of complementary esporting assets, has purchased artificial intelligence gaming data company Rival.ai.

Rival.ai is aimed at providing comprehensive data on sports during live games, providing esports fans with the opportunity to deploy AI algorithms.

Another lucrative market is the key source of income from sports coming from big-mark sponsorships.

One report reveals that esports betting is currently the largest and most undervalued betting market.

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AI-powered PandaScore Announces New Betting Odds Prediction

(November 6, 2019) - From eSportsJunkie.com:

PandaScore is now offering a special approach for bookmakers with its solid foundation and reputation of sports knowledge. With a focus on real market data, bookmakers will eventually be able to deliver a live betting experience that sports fans expect.

Thanks to recent developments in the AI data collection and odds prediction system of PandaScore, it is now reasonably easy to offer live betting. This development would potentially exceed 100s of data points per second, sustaining trade closures at a minimum and the market offers by more than 500%.

Timing out and market closures has been a serious issue with eSports gambling.  The patented AI gathers and converts the data from video sources in a split second.

CoD Mobile Now Displays Lucky Draw Odds After Player Complaints

Call of Duty: Mobile fans expressed displeasure with Activision earlier in the week claiming the company was not transparent regarding micro transactions in the game.

From DoteSports:

Real odds of the lucky draw and crate were not revealed, although it stood on the edge of the rules of Android and iOS stores. Several data miners then revealed the real odds for potential rewards.

The “More Information” link now goes to a page that displays the odds.

But don’t think for a moment that the player community is fully satisfied.

DOT eSports notes that "the PUBG Mobile community is now reacting to the changes that the CoD Mobile players forced into Activision. Fans of the mobile battle royale are now asking for the same transparency that lies on the same business model: micro-transactions for randomized items."

7Sports Acquires eSports.com

(October 15, 2019) -

‘How My Son Went From Gamer to Compulsive Gambler’

(October 11, 2019) - The NHS has opened its first clinic for young people addicted to gaming and gambling, a year after a Gambling Commission report found that 55,000 11-to-16-year-olds in the UK were problem gamblers. For some the path to gambling begins with playing online games, as the BBC's Becky Milligan heard from the father of one young man now getting help for his addiction.

"Not in a million years, not in a million years did I think that gaming could lead to compulsive gambling."

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Louis Vuitton ventures into esports with Riot Games

(October 6, 2019) -

Six Face Up to 10 Years in Prison for eSports Match Fixing

(September 28, 2019) - Six counter-strikers in Melbourne, reportedly fixing CS: GO games were found during an SSIU investigation. The participants face a prison sentence of up to ten years for the crime.  Those accused face up to 10 years in prison.

The people were detained by the Sporting Integrity Intelligence and Organized Crime Intelligence Unit of the Victoria Police. All six were in the particular region of Melbourne and were component of a match-fixing circle. As some say, match-fixing in the region is not as rare as it may appear.

The inquiry, initiated in March 2019 and lasting approximately five months, revealed that play-fixing ring participants deliberately lost matches in order to earn cash from gambling.

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Zwift and UCI Agree on Terms to Host First UCI Cycling eSports World Championships

(September 26, 2019) -

Investigation Into Possible eSports Match Fixing First of Its Kind

(September 23, 2019) - Key points:

  •     There are concerns about the prevalence of corruption in Australia's esports community
  •     Esports is the fastest-growing sport in the world, with the industry valued at over $1 billion globally
  •     Authorities believe not enough is being done within the industry to address corruption

Victoria Police are investigating whether at least six matches played by an Australian-based team in early February may have been fixed.

Two semi-professional players involved in the suspect matches were arrested but have not been charged. The other four players in the team who competed are not suspected of any wrongdoing.

It is the first major Australian investigation into corruption in esports, the fastest growing sport in the world. 

Legal Sports Report reported last week, the NBA 2K league recently dismissed Basil “24k Dropoff” Rose as a result of purported conversations between him and an NBA 2K league bettor.

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Gaming Industry Veterans Raise $17 Mil to Launch eSports Network

(September 20, 2019) -

eSports Gamblimg Market Structure and Biases

-Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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