Gamblers Cry Foul: 'All Lions Money Line Bets Should Be Voided'

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Mary Montgomery
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The Cowboys pushed their home winning streak to 16 with a 20-19 win over Detroit that came down to the wire and ended in controversy.


Dallas stopped the Detroit Lions on the third try of a 2-point conversion with 23 seconds remaining.

On the first conversion try after Jared Goff's 11-yard touchdown pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown, Goff completed a pass to lineman Taylor Decker, but the Lions were called for illegal touching.

The Lions went for 2 again from the 7-yard line and were stopped on an interception that didn't even reach the end zone, but the Cowboys were called for offsides.

On the final attempt, Goff's pass to Josh Reynolds was incomplete.

Gamblers, presumably those who had Detroit on the moneyline, were quick to call for refunds.

"All Lions money line bets should be voided," one person tweeted.

"Lions got robbed tho the replay clearly showed Dekker right next to skipper reporting - unreal."

"There is fucking video of 68 reporting to the ref. What the Hell, @NFL? You should replenish all the Lions moneyline @DraftKings
bets on that bullshit."

DraftKings is partnered with the NFL.'s own Thomas Somach concurred with the sentiment.

"If the lineman properly reported to the referee as an eligible receiver he would’ve been covered by a defender and probably not made the catch," Somach said.

By Saturday night, the term "Rigged" was top trending on Twitter, often accompanied by "NFL Rigged".

The Lions did cover the +3.5 spread and they've already clinched the NFC North.

- Mary Montgomery,

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