DC Enacts Emergency Amendment..... to Limit Sports Bettors to $60 at Kiosks After Winning Big

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Nagesh Rath
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The U.S. Government is on the verge of a shutdown.  Violent crime is rising in D.C.   The indictments keep on coming against politicians (this week it's the Democratic Senator out of New Jersey, Bob Menendez).  But the real emergency is.....  ensuring winning customers are limited betting at restaurant kiosks?

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Oy vey, here we go again!

The Washington DC Lottery Corp is the district's sports betting monopoly that has been mired in controversy for years.

A single bettor, playing from a betting kiosk in a Poke restaurant won over $100,000 by taking advantage of poor bookmaking, which dare we say describes this operation to a T.

Not surprisingly, he had already been limited on the Lottery's GambetDC app.  The kiosks have never implemented such limits on bets apparently.

From Business2Community:

The adjustment to the rules allows limits to be placed on accounts, although Gambet DC attempted to word its explanation in a way that suggests the change in rules was under the guise of responsible gaming.

The gambler admits to simply noticing discrepancies between GambetDC’s prices and the likes of Circa and Caesars and he decided to  wager accordingly the only way he knew how via the only regulated app in town.  We would note there is no account needed to bet at these kiosks.

Here is where it gets downright hilarious:

After being provided a letter by the Director of the D.C. Lottery’s Regulation and Oversight Division, the bettor was limited to $60 per wager at any kiosk. Once he sought appeal, the state changed rules and regulations under the guise of emergency amendments.

“The emergency rulemaking gives the Office authority to place limits on a person’s sports wagering activities at retailer locations in order to curb excessive sports wagering and ensure responsible play by individuals at retail locations” read the notice.

It further states that players won't be paid their winnings should they be deemed to have tried to circumvent the limits.

The relationship between the Greek-owned Itralot, a Veterans Services Corporation, the small firm run by political insider Emmanuel Bailey, and God only knows who else, is so convoluted you could fill the pages of a text book.

Business2Community points out that GambetDC effectively has had a monopoly on DC mobile sports betting and still managed to turn a loss in 2022. Go figure!

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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