Daniel Negreanu Mirror Interview: Talks Diet, Longevity, Work Balance

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One of the most recognizable faces in the game of poker, Daniel Negreanu, sat down with The Mirror to discuss his life as a poker player.  The one subject he avoided - or perhaps wasn't asked - was in regard to the scandal surrounding the poker site he represents, GGPoker.  That company has been embroiled in a super user scandal since Christmas.


GGPoker Banned "Moneytaker69"after claiming to have identified a client vulnerability. 

"We sincerely apologize for the incident," GGPoker said. "Which has caused many poker players to worry about the game’s integrity and shaken their trust in GGPoker to provide the best poker experience.

"We take this incident very seriously and continue to work hard not to disappoint poker players."

Negreanu, an outspoken and sometimes divisive figure, has yet to comment on the GGPoker super user controversy.

Negreanu's Mirror interview was less confrontational, focusing instead on his health regimen, longevity in the game and more.

"I would say around 2004 I was at the top of my game in terms of the edge I had against the field," the 49-year-old exclusively tells Mirror Sport. "Now, I'm better today than I was then, by a lot, but the difference is everybody else is also much better too so my edge is much smaller than it was way back then."

With more than US$51million (£40m) in live tournament earnings, Negreanu sits in the top 10 of poker's all-time money list.  He is yet to have a year in which he didn't cash out in a live tournament since 1997.

Negreanu also talks about his veganism and diet as a whole.

"I would say what's been the biggest most drastic change in the professional poker player is when I started people were smoking, drinking, overweight, eating whatever," Negreanu says. "Today, especially at the highest levels, when you go to a poker tournament and go to the gym in the morning, it's full of them.

"They're in good shape, they're all streamlined in terms of what they're eating... They're trying to fuel their body in such a way to give them the biggest advantage at the table as well. It's obvious.

"We know there's something there so they're going to do everything they can to be at their best, and that's what we see today. To a small degree I probably played a role in [that] a little bit, in terms of discussing the importance of it, and it's great to see so many players today are taking it seriously."

- Ace King, Gambling911.com

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