Consensus Cappers on Vegas Raiders But Vikings Might Cover

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Mary Montgomery
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The Vikings-Raiders line has mostly sat on the -3 with Minnesota favored with some movement to the -2.5.  The number we get is mostly accurate at 3.89 and this has boded well for favorites in the 2.5/3 range with a coverage percentage just shy of 80%.  Minnesota to us looks nice but the Sports Hub consensus cappers seem to think otherwise.


Bobby Babowski - Bobby B. just could not lose throughout the first half of the NFL season.  He admitted to Gambling911 his luck may have run out a bit over the last month.

Indeed, Bobby's taken a bit of a hit.  He's 4-4 over the last eight.  Bobby is on Las Vegas Sunday and will be kind of tough to bet against him.

Knup Sports - They put out a lot of plays daily, more wins than not.  Knup Sports is also on the Raiders Sunday.

Jay Cooper - This guy has been pretty sick with his NFL plays of late, going 8-2 over this last ten.

Paid Picks can be found on Ultimate Capper, which just happens to be Bobby B's site.  Jay offer a “plethora of knowledge” Ultimate capper provides the user with a lot of information, facts, and speculation in the world of sports betting.

When we see some of the top cappers going against what we believe to be a solid play (The Vikings), there may be reason to pause.

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