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The Super Bowl LVII rematch happens Monday night of next week, and bettors are lining up to wager on a Super Bowl-sized menu of odds and props.

sportsbettingnews.gif is reporting that the game is already the most wagered on matchup on Week 11, and that was five days before the game was even taking place. 

Currently, a whopping 71% of the handle is on the Chiefs, but expect that number to come down as the game gets closer. Kansas City is a 2.5-point favorite while the over/under is set at 45.5.

We didn't list all of the player props below, just the main ones so please reach out if you need others.

Props for the "tush push" and happenstances from last year's Super Bowl are also on the board.

And, of course, there are more Taylor Swift props. Feel free to ignore as needed, but we're treating this like the Super Bowl and there are all kinds of crazy props for the big game so it is what it is.

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards

Over/Under 282.5


Jalen Hurts Passing Yards

Over/Under 233.5


Travis Kelce Receiving Yards

Over/Under 75.5


Travis Kelce Receptions

Over/Under 7.5


Will Travis Kelce Score a TD?

Yes       -145

No        +105


A.J. Brown Receiving Yards

Over/Under 85.5


A.J. Brown Receptions

Over/Under 6.5


DeVonta Smith Receiving Yards

Over/Under 54.5


DeVonta Smith Receptions

Over/Under 4.5


Will Kelce brothers hug/embrace postgame?

Yes       -200

No        +150


Total times Eagles run "Tush Push"

Over/Under 1.5


Will Eagles score a TD from "Tush Push"

Yes       +200

No        -300


What will happen first?

Jalen Hurts loses fumble            +550

Eagles pass interference            -1000


Total fourth-down conversions by both teams

Over/Under 1.5


Will the game end with a walkoff field goal?

Yes       +400

No        -750


Will "New Heights" podcast footage be shown during broadcast?                      

No                    -160

Yes                   +120


Who will appear in commercial first during broadcast?              

Travis Kelce                  -130

Patrick Mahomes          -110


Will Taylor Swift be shown after Chiefs first TD?            

Yes                   -300

No                    +200


Who will say Taylor Swift first?             

Joe Buck                       -250

Troy Aikman                 +170


What will be said first?             

Taylor Swift                  -500

Tush Push                     +400

Brotherly Shove            +700


Who will Taylor Swift be sitting next to?            

Donna Kelce                 +150

Andrea Swift                 +200

Scott Kingsley               +200

Ed Kelce                       +250

Brittany Mahomes        +1200

Jackson Mahomes         +2500

Patrick Mahomes Sr.     +2500

Kevin Hart                    +3300

Randi Martin                 +3300

Will Smith                     +3300

Bradley Cooper             +5000


How many times will Donna Kelce be shown?                

1-2                   -105

4+                    +175

3-4                   +200


How many times will Taylor Swift be shown?                 

4+                    -250

3-4                   +275

1-2                   +350

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