Shufflemaster, OpenBet Apply for Nevada Online Poker License

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Aaron Goldstein
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Shufflemaster, OpenBet Apply for Nevada Online Poker License is reporting that Shufflemaster, the global supplier of automatic card shufflers, slot machines and, more importantly, wireless gaming solutions, has applied for a license to operate an online poker venture in the state of Nevada

Nevada is set to begin allowing intrastate online poker as early as February ahead of potential federal legislation. 

Shufflemaster has already entered arrangements with Cantor Gaming and OpenBet.  Cantor itself has applied for the Nevada license the OpenBet deal gives that company permission to use Shufflemaster’s web versions of some products licensed in Canada.  Such an arrangement could help OpenBet get a leg up in the US market. 

Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli recently told Card Player that reviewing some of the submitted paperwork for potential licensees is already underway.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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