Roger Ver: Easy to Understand Why Bitcoin Cash Better Than Bitcoin Core

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In a tweet posted Thursday morning, one of the original Bitcoin millionaires and proprietor of the website, Roger Ver, attempted to demonstrate reasons why Bitcoin Cash "is better than Bitcoin Core".

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Ver, once an advocate of Bitcoin Core, has now begun promoting Bitcoin Cash since a fork in the cryptocurrency occurred this past summer.  The crypto millionaire told last month that Bitcoin Cash is what Bitcoin Core was originally meant to be.  Both cryptocurrencies have seen dramatic price increases of late.

Ver posted this chart via his Twitter page:

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Since coming out in favor of Bitcoin Cash, Ver and some in the cryptocurrency community have often found themselves in heated exchanges.

Speaking to CNBC last month, Ver expressed concerns over the long term future of Bitcoin Core.

”I think in the short run it can run up a lot more. (But) it’s no longer a cryptocurrency. It's just a game of hot potato at this point, and games of hot potatoes can go on for a long time, and lots of people can pump a lot of money into it and it might go on for even decades. But as far as its [being] used as money, the developers behind that have destroyed that at this point."

In recent months, online gambling websites like and Americas Cardroom have begun to implement Bitcoin Cash along side Bitcoin Core as crypto payment methods.

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