Premier Per Head Can Help Bookies Prosper this Off Season

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Matt Skinner
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Premier Per Head Can Help Bookies Proper this Off Season

Super Bowl 50 marked the official end of the football season and sports bettors will have to wait almost seven months before they can bet on the first college games of the 2016 season. Much of the profit that an independent sports bookmaker brings in comes from football betting action, but if you have the right Pay Per Head service at your side, the good times can keep on rolling right into the hot summer months.

Premier Per Head has been that “right” Pay Per Service for the past 15 years and during that time we have grown into the No. 1 company in the sports betting industry today. The key to long-term success as an independent bookmaker is having the right sportsbook management solutions to expand your bottom line even when football games are “off the board”.

Premier Per Head can help you make the most of your current customer base through access to a wide array of sports betting lines as well as through an expanded selection of betting options in both a racebook for horse betting as well as Pay Per Head services for fantasy sports and online poker. We can also provide everything you need to consistently grow your customer base to as large as a number you wish to obtain.

The sports betting industry continues to explode and with huge events on the board such as the NCAA Tournament and the NBA Playoffs, the opportunity to build a steady cash flow and a healthy bottom line can exist on a year-round basis. When you have direct access to betting lines for every game, every day of the year you will never have to worry about any of your customers looking elsewhere to place their bets.

Premier Per Head has partnered with the top oddsmaking services in the world to not only bring you the largest variety of betting lines, but to deliver them fast and razor sharp. The best thing of all is that as one of our independent agents is having the immediate ability to move your betting lines and change your offerings as you see fit. This can sometimes be billed as a separate cost or fee with other price per head services, but with Premier Per Head it is included in the already low weekly per head fee you are paying for your active betting customers.

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