Hart Attacked! Forbes Stops Short of Calling IGT CEO ‘Incompetent’

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Aaron Goldstein
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Hart Attacked!  Forbes Stops Short of Calling IGT CEO ‘Incompetent’

A Forbes.com piece published online Monday questions whether Patti Hart can maintain her post as CEO of the world’s largest slot manufacturer IGT.


Hart is currently embroiled in a nasty proxy battle with Jason Ader, whose group is attempting to place three of its own handpicked individuals on the IGT board and, presumably, remove Ms. Hart.

Forbes.com Contributor Eric Jackson writes:

In case you forgot, Patti was at ground zero of Yahoo’s board when it was affectionately known to many – including me – as America’s worst corporate board.

Patt was the lead of the board committee responsible for recommending the hiring of former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson.  Thompson’s tenure lasted about 5 months and primarily consisted of spending shareholder money on keeping Yahoo’s largest shareholder, Dan Loeb, off the board.

Last week, Gambling911.com broke the story of Hart failing to disclose material information to all investors that a Silicon Valley-based investment bank where her husband is a top executive oversaw the slot machine maker's purchase of a small social gaming technology company last year.  That company was BringIt Inc.  The Las Vegas Review Journal over the weekend referenced Gambling911.com in its coverage of this vital story.

Jackson also wrote of Hart’s questionable academic credentials, which seemed to change over the past decades as Gambling911.com previously reported on.

It seemed like Hart had suffered from some similar “biographical enhancement creep” in her bio over the years since her graduation from the University of Illinois. Patti claimed so such creep had occurred but left very expeditiously after the charges were leveled against here. H

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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