Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein Odds of Staying in Job Not Good

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Aaron Goldstein
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Lloyd Blankfein has made Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein a bit of a long shot to keep his cushy job through August of this year at 4/1 odds.  That’s because his fate rests in the hands of the US Justice Department, and that is never a good thing.

The Justice Department is probing statements he made before a Senate committee investigating Goldman’s role in the 2008 financial crisis, FOX Business has learned.

According to Fox Business, the board of directors could ultimately serve Blankfein up as a “sacrifice”.

The odds continue to get longer as Blankfein has reportedly told Wall Street colleague he “hates his job”.

Still, a spokesperson for Blankfein insists he has no intention of stepping down.

"We have consistently said that the testimony we gave was truthful and accurate and that this is confirmed by the Subcommittee's own report," the spokesman said. "The report references testimony from Goldman Sachs witnesses who repeatedly and consistently acknowledged that we were intermittently net short during 2007. We did not have a massive net short position because our short positions were largely offset by our long positions,  and our financial results clearly demonstrate this point.”‪

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Barnes & Noble Bidding


John Malone's Liberty Media made a $1.02 billion offer to buy the largest U.S. bookstore chain, Barnes & Noble. 

Earlier on Tuesday, Barnes & Noble, which has sought to remake itself as digital bookseller as sales of print books have fallen, introduced a touchscreen version of its Nook e-reader.

The bid decision by Malone came down to Liberty's bid for Sirius and his outlook for Nook.

“You might look at the experience we've had with Sirius XM,” Malone told shareholders at a meeting in Denver on Monday.

Sirius was a $530 million investment that is now worth $5 billion.  Malone believes that Barnes & Noble is similarly undervalued. has made the OVER/UNDER $1.02 billion purchase at even odds.


*Odds formulated by are for entertainment purposes only and are not available for wagering purposes. 


•   Dow Jones to close ON or ABOVE 11750 on 31 May 2011- 95 percent chance

•   Dow Jones to close ON or ABOVE 12250 on 31 May 2011- 83 percent chance

•   Dow Jones to close ON or ABOVE 12500 on 31 May 2011- 34 percent chance


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