Ethereum Hacker Gives Back $3 Million

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Vice Media features a report on an alleged Ethereum hacker who reportedly returned some $3 million and nobody can quite understand why.

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If a hacker manages to steal millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency and get away with it, why would they ever give it back, the Mother Board extension of Vice Media asks.

The hack took place back in July at CoinDash.  This past Monday, CoinDash announced in a bog post that approximately a quarter of the ether stolen had been returned to the company’s account.

"We have not been contacted by the hacker, or anyone related to the hacker," Alon Muroch, CEO of CoinDash, stated.

"A hacker steals a lot of money and out of the blue returns some of it…" Muroch trailed off and started to laugh. "It's truly incredible, this industry."

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