Crypto-Currencies See Nice Start to New Year, Bitcoin Market Cap at New Low Though

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Bitcoin core markets were up 4% following a holiday slump to kick off the new year. The price of Bitcoin was averaging between $14,600-14,800 across global exchanges as of Tuesday January 2.

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From Bitcoin.com News:

Cryptocurrency markets, in general, have dipped in value over the past week and a half seeing record lows compared to last year’s phenomenal gains. However, following New Year’s day digital asset markets are starting to creep northbound once again. After yesterday’s average of $13,400 per token, BTC/USD markets are now trying to forge past the $14,000 zone, but bulls have been hitting resistance.

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Bitcoin.com News notes that many traders still do not know what will happen with bitcoin core markets and the rise of other digital currencies as the new year progresses. The crypto-currency markets have thus far amassed a $656Bn valuation.

According to CoinDesk.com, the total value of the more than 1,300 publicly traded cryptocurrencies, as listed by data CoinMarketCap, set a new all-time high of $667 billion.

But what is perhaps most notable about the rally is that data shows the world's largest cryptocurrency may not be as large of a contributor.

From CoinDesk.com:

Bitcoin's dominance, or its share of the total market cap, has now dropped to an all-time-low. Data suggests the value of all bitcoins is currently accounting for 35.6 percent of the entire marketplace.

Eye Popping Stats Out of South Korea Cannot Be Ignored by Gambling Sites

The potential for growth need in the crypto-currency space need only be realized by studying certain nations such as South Korea, which has seen its citizens 64 times more fiat into crypto exchanges in 2017 compared to the previous year.

With the explosive popularity in eSports and the sudden ability to engage in financial transactions throughout portions of Asia, North American and Caribbean-based online gambling sites now have the ability to capture a nice chunk of the Asian betting market that was not easily accessible in prior years.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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