CoinGeek Interviews ‘Bitcoin Evangelist’ Roger Ver

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Eli Afram, writing for, recently had the opportunity to meet up with Roger Ver, for whom he refers to as a “Bitcoin Evangelist”, an entrepreneur from the early days of the anonymous digital currency before too many others were following it.

In recent months, much of the discussion surrounding Bitcoin, apart from its obvious increase in value, has been the split in two – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Afram writes:

Roger is often accused of “pumping” his coin (BCH), or “creating” his coin. – Here’s fact – Roger has specifically stated he was not aware of the Bitcoin Cash hardfork until it was practically happening.

“There was never a one eureka moment,” Ver tells CoinGeek.  “… It’s been a gradual process, and my feelings towards Bitcoin Cash continues to warm… especially after considering the in-fighting going on to increase to two 2MB… It is the year 2017, 2MB every 10 minutes is not even remotely an issue and these people are holding back the adoption of one of the most important inventions in the history of human kind because they don’t understand Moore’s Law, and have no common sense for the economic reasons that made Bitcoin so successful. And they basically killed the goose that laid the golden egg. That’s why you’ve seen Bitcoin’s market share plummet from 100% market share to almost 50% which is what it is today.”

It’s interesting to note that the Ver interview took place prior to this past week’s announcement of another announced split (Segwit2x) that would ultimately get cancelled.  Afram writes that Roger had expressed his lack of confidence in Segwit2x.

Bitcoin Cash then blasted into the sky and sits at well over $1000, Afram was quick to point out.

The full interview appears here.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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