Bitcoin Developer Released After $1m Bitcoin Paid to Kidnappers

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  • Victim said to be "safe" but 'stressed"
  • Crypto entrepreneur Pavel Learner disappeared this past Tuesday
  • Police confirmed that Learner had been forcibly dragged out to a van by armed individuals
  • Kidnappers make off with $1 million in Bitcoin paid randsom

A male employee of a UK-registered cryptocurrency exchange has been reported ‘safe, but stressed’ following his kidnapping by gunmen and ultimate release following a $1 million randsom, paid out in Bitcoin.

40-year-old Russian programmer and cryptocurrency investor Pavel Lerner disappeared in Kiev on Tuesday.

Police immediately confirmed that the Russian IT expert was seen by witnesses being dragged into a van.  The registration number of that vehicle was released to the public.

An adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister confirmed the release and condition of Learner to Reuters on Friday.

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