Apple Goldman Sachs Credit Card has Bettors, Investors Wondering If This is a Good Idea

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Apple is set to unveil a new credit card issued by Goldman Sachs.  SCROLL DOWN FOR APPLE FINANCIALS BETTING OPTIONS AND NEWS RELATED TO THE NEW CREDIT CARD


Goldman Sachs has recently amped up its offerings for consumers, including personal loans and checking accounts with no minimum deposit required, from its brand Marcus. Adding a credit card to its portfolio could help Goldman make further headway, Karimzad said. (Karimzad also previously worked at Goldman Sachs.)

“Goldman sees a big opportunity in lending directly to consumers,” he said. Tying the Goldman brand to the Apple brand could help with that, particularly if the new credit card offers special benefits to people buying Apple products, Schulz said. And Goldman could make money both on interest payments and merchant swipe fees, Karimzad added.
How Goldman Sachs helps Apple


Goldman may split the profits from its merchant fees with Apple, Karimzad said. Apple is looking for other revenue beyond its own suite of products, and will likely negotiate a deal to get a cut of purchases made on the card, said Michelle Evans, the global head of digital consumer research at the research firm Euromonitor International.

Date Open High Low Close* Adj Close** Volume
May 11, 2018 189.49 190.06 188.25 188.60 188.60 14,721,194
May 11, 2018 0.73 Dividend
May 10, 2018 187.74 190.37 187.65 190.04 189.31 27,877,300
May 09, 2018 186.55 187.40 185.22 187.36 186.64 23,211,200
May 08, 2018 184.99 186.22 183.67 186.05 185.34 28,402,800
May 07, 2018 185.18 187.67 184.75 185.16 184.45 42,451,400
May 04, 2018 178.25 184.25 178.17 183.83 183.12 56,201,300
May 03, 2018 175.88 177.50 174.44 176.89 176.21 34,068,200
May 02, 2018 175.23 177.75 173.80 176.57 175.89 66,539,400
May 01, 2018 166.41 169.20 165.27 169.10 168.45 53,569,400

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